Bizen Consulting, Inc., is a management consulting firm founded to provide the best skill development training to hone in your team’s most important asset – attention. 

With over thirty years of collective experience in tech, projects and mindfulness, we are poised well to help leaders and teams perform at their best attention levels – eliminating the high cost of stress conflict. 

Want to join us?

Help us create more mindful business together.

How Can I Create a More Mindful Business?

One of the most valuable actions you can take toward mindful business is to know how you’re showing up to conflict. Learn how to leverage your attention toward conflict resolution by taking the Conflict Dynamics Profile and using the mindfulness program designed for your specific profile. Click here to get started.

Doing business and leadership mindfully requires a Bizen Lens, a key perception tool that develops your attention so you have the ability to focus on what you want to for as long as you want (concentration) while capturing all the details of an experience (sensory clarity) with ease and confidence (equanimity). You can develop yours by taking one of our 8 week courses. Click here to join the next cohort.

Don’t let another day go by of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unsure or conflicted at work. Be kind to yourself, sign up for a free 90 minute coaching session. Click here to learn more.

Why work with us?

We know how hard it is to be mindful at work. We’ve tried lots of different approaches over the years and gone through lots of trial and error so you don’t have to!

You get the good stuff. We know the value of heightened attention skills and that it is THE meta-skill you can apply to make whatever you’re already good at more valuable.

Beyond that, we do this work because we are happy to share what we’ve learned. We look forward to giving your organization groundbreaking mindfulness-infused tools and technical know how unmatched by other consulting firms. 

As a bonus, we are a lot of fun to work with. :

Meet Our Staff

John Underwood

Software Development & Mindfulness for Techies

John loves digging into a new problem, whether the solution is novel or has components that can be solved using tools from his toolbox of experience. He also enjoys seeing the breadth of ways teams solve problems, organize, and collaborate to achieve a goal.

John’s depth of experience comes from helping teams succeed. Goals like creating a new ledger system for a finance team, building a search engine using mood as filters, or breaking down multi-level jurisdictional information to create a compliance solution. He enjoys discovering a clear model and abstraction to solve a problem.

On a personal level, John enjoys finding approaches and tools to create solutions. To that end, he has been cultivating attentional skills actively applying various systems and techniques while working for over a decade now. With a focus on honing in the skills of concentration, clarity and resilience, he now uses the UM system to share how to practically and effectively cultivate these skills with others.
John strives to better balance work activity and recuperation to improve sustainability in his life. He enjoys learning new languages, both computer and human, and experiencing different cultures and ways of thinking by travelling through western Europe.

Janis Underwood

Business Coaching, CDP Administration, Mindfulness for Dynamic Teams

Janis believes that people matter more than process and spent most of her engineering career helping technical project teams succeed. 

Always striving to be a better leader, Janis spent many hours outside of work developing her empathy and listening skills. It wasn’t one course or one approach that shaped her over the years but many. 

As she became better at guiding and coaching others at work, it felt natural for her to branch out on her own. She left her engineering hard hat behind in 2013 to take her part time coaching gig into a full time endeavor. That’s when she began coaching leaders in the local business arena. 

She’s been coaching and teaching in one form or another for over a decade and is now a certified lead coach and trainer of the Unified Mindfulness system as well as a certified Conflict Dynamic Profile (CDP) Practitioner. 

But more than that, she’s someone who uses her attention skills to help her do all sorts of business activities with ease and confidence and can’t help but share what she’s learned with others. 


I think of mindfulness as a way to increase our attention power with heart. It's important to be mindful because what we place our attention on matters. As professionals, we need to leave the less constructive distractions behind and use our most important asset, attention skills, to whole-heartedly achieve business projects in a way that supports us living happier, more balanced, professionally fulfilling lives. 

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