Mindfulness for Techies

MIndfulness for Techies






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90 min




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This course is taught by our software developer. The material covers the three attention skills of concentration power, sensory clarity and equanimity, 5 techniques you can apply at work or home right away, and practice strategies.


Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

If you are a techie or work primarily in a techie type environment, this is for you! Example roles might be programmer, engineering managers, and tech directors. 

But no worries, even if you aren’t a techie, (maybe you just like hanging out with them!), everyone’s welcome. 

Learning Path

See Hear Feel technique, rewards and benefits of mindfulness


Feel Rest technique, managing stress


See Hear Feel and Feel Rest techniques, practice in daily life role plays


Feel Flow technique, peak performance and application of techniques


Auto Walk technique, developing spontaneity


Feel Good technique, improving relationships and well-being, enjoying music 


Practice Strategies to identify and work with pleasant and unpleasant experience to accelerate growth through practice


The rhythm of practice: difficult situations, time off, getting support, giving support

Congratulations. Look forward to seeing you at our drop-ins!

Facilitated By

John Underwood,
Mindfulness + Techie Coach and Trainer

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