Enhance Your most Valuable Asset in Biz

With a decade of experience coaching business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs, you’re in good hands. We’re here to help your business life shine with powerful attention skill development.


Unlock the Power of your Attention Skills

Our attention is the most important asset in professional endeavors. We know this is true because companies pay a lot of money to grab and hold our attention.

Distractions are no match for us when we can place our attention on what matters, when we need to, for as long as we want.

Leaders and managers already have high attention skill management and low distraction factors. They simply have to. But work loads, project timelines, and resource issues can challenge even the best leader. 

That’s where we can help. Our goal is not just to help you lead. We’re here to help you lead fearlessly and effortlessly

Values we live by


Effortless Action

Working remotely, leading a project, or founding a business doesn't have to be so effortful. When you harness the power of your attention skills, you can succeed with ease.


Team Empowerment

Good teams are empowered to self-organize because their project leader, manager, or SCRUM master skillfully directs attention towards what matters.



Giving teams the ability to be flexible, focused, and highly productive by helping organizations develop and implement kind processes for resolving conflict and communication issues.

Our Coaching

Let's Take a Deep Dive Into Your Current Leadership Experience


We'll help you determine your distraction factor and create custom, doable mindfulness-based solutions that give you the power to direct your attention.

New Challenge readiness

Let's talk Happiness Goals. Using UM's Happiness Grid, we'll find what's motivating for you and help you get into action fast.

PATH TO balance

ready to reach new heights? Let's Do this!

Attention Skills are Your Most Important BizAsset, get started tuning them today. 

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