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This course is designed for the busy professional like you! 
Join our mindfulness course specifically designed to help you enhance your attention skills in a dynamic, effortless way. You’ve already demonstrated a high level of focus and clarity to work at the level you do. 
Now take your skills to the next level while accessing more moments of ease. 
Are you managing an Agile team or work in a TEAL organization? This course will help you put people first while getting things done.

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Leading attention requires these elements: first, focusing your own attention, then attracting and directing attention from others, and getting and keeping the attention of employees and peers, of customers or clients.

Why focus on attention skills? Well, simple. Leadership is all about attention. And our attention skills can grow throughout our career. Each new level of attention skill brings us new opportunities and challenges, so knowing how to skillfully increase your attention in your current role helps prevent burnout, increases career happiness, and builds resilience.

What the course is

The free course covers five techniques to develop three attention skills: concentrationsensory clarity, and equanimity. These three attention skills can then be applied to your goals, and/or to any of the benefits above that interest you.

What the course isn’t

  • an HR or well-being class
  • connected to any belief structure
  • a distraction from your current level of performance

Time commitment

  • Show up for the class time, 1.5 hours, every week for eight weeks
  • Practice the technique of the week at least ten minutes a day

Pick Your Theme

We currently run two tracks both geared toward professionals. Each of them runs periodically, so you are never more than a quarter away from the next class. 

Mindfulness for Techies
Instructor: John Underwood

This course is taught by our software developer, so if you are a techie or work primarily in a techie type environment, this is for you! Example roles might be programmer, engineering managers, and tech directors. But no worries, even if you aren’t a techie, (maybe you just like hanging out with them!), everyone’s welcome. The material still covers the three attention skills of concentration power, sensory clarity and equanimity, techniques you can apply at work or home right away, as well as practice strategies.

Next 8 week Mindfulness for Techies course starts TBD

Mindfulness for Dynamic Teams
Instructor: Janis Underwood

Taught by trainers who have an extensive background in project and people management, this training course caters to those who track project performance and help others succeed. Especially relevant for Scrum Masters, Product Managers, Project Managers and those working on dynamic teams, (Agile and Kanban). Also relevant for those who want to move into a leadership role as we’ll be introducing you to techniques specifically designed to enhance your attention skill levels. You’ll also learn about each of the attention skills, how they work together, and give you daily life practice strategies.

Next 8 week Mindfulness for Dynamic Teams course is coming soon. 

Mindfulness for Dynamic Teams 8 week Course Info

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