Developer Capacity Augmentation

We provide programming services to augment your team, using your existing processes and tools to help you achieve your product goals.

We specialize in Ruby on Rails and the Phoenix/Elixir stacks and have experience in the fin tech and compliance industries where we’ve  implemented a wide range of solutions such as real time eventing systems and search.

Software Consulting

We provide software consulting services to help improve your team’s health. This includes activities such as developer coaching, process setup such as CI/CD, team cohesion, and Agile coaching.

Individual Coaching

One on one coaching is one of the best ways to dive deeper into a challenge you may be facing. Some typical challenges our clients face include distractions at work, lack of motivation or fulfillment, conflict, and work life balance challenges. 

Project Management

Our project manager absolutely loves helping small teams accomplish big goals. She was helping with project management even before she knew what it was and took those skills into government and multinational corporations but her heart has always been in empowering small business. Whether you’re a freelancer just getting started or a startup needing to execute, we can help you start strong and finish first.

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