Conflict Competence

Helping Leaders Overcome One of the Biggest Distraction Factors: Conflict

Has your attention been gripped by conflict?

Here are some signs you might be gripped: 

Lack of energy. Avoiding others. Worrying.

Project or program delays. Lack of cooperation.

Mindfulness + CDP = Conflict Competence

The business case for inviting your team members to learn their CDPs. 

When your team can attend to conflict in constructive ways, your business thrives. Can your business benefit from any of the following constructive behaviors? 


Not the ordinary way to resolve conflict. We pair two of the most powerful tools, MTI’s Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) and mindfulness to help you not only resolve conflict but build conflict competence in just three steps.

Step 1. Learn Your CDP

Step 2. Add Mindfulness

Step 3. Lead Confidently

Certified Practitioner

Did You Know?

There is a strong research link between a person's ability to resolve conflict and their effectiveness as a leader and suitability for promotion.


Eliminate stress

Say goodbye to low level stress, tension, and burnout

Easier Collaboration

Lead by example as you navigate tough conversations with confidence

Higher Engagement

Help your team focus on the work without conflict-related distractions

Project Success

Achieve goals with a culture built on trust, innovation, and inclusion

Start Resolving Conflict, Get Your CDP Today

Conflict isn't the door most of us walk through for professional development or relieve stress, but you'll be amazed at how it helps your career.
Your Conflict Dynamics Profile
Is your key to unlocking the best in you!
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Constructive Behaviors
Learn your "go to" behaviors that help you de-escalate conflict
Hot Buttons
Explore what "hot buttons" steal your attention
Destructive Behaviors
Shift those 'go to' conflict resolution behaviors you learned from others
your conflict resilience with mindfulness
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MTI's Conflict Dynamics Profile is one of the best leadership development tools.

Learn your CDP.
Apply Mindfulness. Lead Confidently.

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